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"Are you down with the gown?"

Fantasia Bridal Center

Fantasia Bridal Center

29 Rocky Point Yaphank Rd, Rocky Point, NY 11778



Getting Down With The Gown

East End Wedding Guide Goes One On One

with Alicia of Fantasia Bridal Center


EEWG:  How long have you been in the industry? How did you get started?  Who inspired you?

Alicia of Fantasia Bridal Center: I am in the industry for 33 yrs. I started with my grandma and aunt when I was young. My aunts  are still bridal seamstresses in Milan.

My grandma was a licensed beautician, artist and seamstress. She taught me to combine talents to dress women from head to toe for upcoming events.

I too, received my cosmetology license and then went on thinking I was going to be a teacher. However when it came to weddings, bridal pulled me back in and I am glad I listened to my calling.


EEWG:  What are some of the things you enjoy most about the business?

Alicia of Fantasia Bridal Center: I love being in-sync with the brides vision and watching it come to fruition. At Fantasia, we will customize all needs and concerns. We simply love taking special care of our clients, they are like family.

EEWG: What makes your business unique?

Alicia of Fantasia Bridal Center: Fantasia Bridal Center is unique because we are a truly family run business and your family becomes our family. Our years of expertise is invested to make each wedding day special. 


EEWG: How do you tailor the needs of each client?

Alicia of Fantasia Bridal Center: At Fantasia we host fashion designers showcases. We have a team of pattern makers and master seamstress. Plus we have beader presses on staff, from a simple nip and tuck to full custom work. Our staff will work best suit all individual needs.

EEWG: What are some of the common questions people ask while inquiring about your services?

Alicia of Fantasia Bridal Center: Some common questions are about the gown process, weight changes and shipping dates.


EEWG:  What are the advantages of getting married on the East End? 

Alicia of Fantasia Bridal Center: East End weddings have the perfect combination of beauty and nostalgia. Long Islanders don't take that for granted.  We have the best of the East End with heart, that should add to anyone's special day. 

EEWG:  What are your hobbies?

Alicia of Fantasia Bridal Center: I enjoy family time, cooking, boating, my dogs, reading, walks, and  singing. 


Fantasia Bridal Center

29 Rocky Point-Yaphank Rd, Rocky Point


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