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North Fork Park Wedding



Nicole and Dave both grew up out here on the North Fork in Southold. It’s a pretty small town so how they ended up together is a cute story to say the least. Nicole tells it as “We’ve known each other since elementary school (we were on the same bus) but we didn’t “meet” until college. A Friday night one April I was making plans to go out with my friend Henry and my brother Jack. Before going out, Henry had run into Dave at the gas station and invited him to come along. All 3 guys were students at SUNY Maritime at the time. They were leaving soon for their Summer Sea Term so this was one of their last weekends home for a while…so I offered to drive. We went to a party on a bluff by the Sound where the bonfire was burning and the drinks were flowing. When we got home my brother ended up needing some assistance getting up the stairs from Henry and Dave. Afterward, I drove them home (Purposely dropping Henry off first so Dave would be the last one left). That’s when Dave asked me out. The rest is history! We started dating 2 weeks before Dave was going away for 45 days on a Summer Sea Term. Once he left we could only communicate via email. In one of his emails he had told me to look up the lyrics to “Faithfully” because he thought they really spoke to our relationship. He was right. “Being apart ain’t easy on this love affair. Two strangers learn to fall in love again.” Even after 7 years it’s still tough when he goes away…but we get to fall in love all over again every 4 months (how lucky are we?!)”. Yes I agree this is a great love story for sure!

On September 19th, Nicole and Dave finally got to celebrate their love in front of all of their closest family and friends at their family church, St. Patrick’s in Southold. Nicole looked absolutely stunning! The day was filled with everything the North Fork offers. They incorporated the things that make them who they are like boating, seafood and the bay!

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