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Zika Virus - Yields a Hamptons "Destination" Wedding

May 6, 2017

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From the Womb to a Lifetime of Friendship, to a Southampton Wedding


Some people would say they married their high school sweetheart.  This was certainly not the case for Rick and Suzy.  Rick at three years old, knew Suzy when she was still in the womb.  During this time he referred to the unborn Suzy as the basketball.  Both of their parents, were the best of friends growing up in East Hampton.  Even the best man, Suzy's brother, referred to Rick as a brother growing up.  It seemed like all the guests from both sides of the family knew each other because of their parents special friendship.   


It was a beautiful wedding filled with jubilant smiles, food and music. The wedding a many unique and personal touches that perfectly captured their love for each other.

The groom sister, Debbie, of Debbie Geppert Events at Dreesens Catering, designed the 'wedding cake' out of Rick's favorite snacks.  The classic snacks Hostess Cupcakes, Twinkees, and Snowballs with Hans Solo and Princess Leah for a cake topper.   Debbie Geppert made the delicious carrot cake cupcakes, and for the ride home guests were treated with goody bags of Dreesen's Donuts.

Suzy and Rick also love their music.  The cocktail hour was performed perfectly by Michael, a family friend, with a  set of classic songs on his acoustic 12-string guitar.  After cocktails, East End Entertainment mixed the classic dance songs from the 50's to the 80's.  Then it was time for the bride to bring the house down with her band, "Suzy On the Rocks".


May the 'Love' Be With You.


Congrats to Rick & Suzy



East End Wedding Guide:

Cake & Desserts: Debbie Geppert Events at Dreesens Catering

Music: East End Entertainment


Introduction Song Star Wars Theme


First Dance “Who Put The Bomp" by Barry Mann

Cake Cutting "Sugar Sugar” by  The Archies


Specialty Dances

          Bride & brother “You’re My Best Friend” - Queen

          Groom & mother “Do I Make You Proud” – Taylor Hicks














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November 30, 2017

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